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Image by Brooke Cagle

What if I don't know what to book?

If you're unsure what service to book, please fill out my New Client Form provided here. There may be some questions on there that are irrelevant to what you're looking for. That's ok! Just answer as best you can and I will be in contact soon to help you book.


Do I need to fill out a New Client form for just a haircut or if I already know what I want?

Nope! If you already know what service you're looking for, are a returning client, or are just booking a haircut, you can book directly here.


What if I know what to book but I have a question?

You can still book your appointment here as normal. If you have a question or concern (i.e. I have thicker hair, I have to be out by a certain time, etc) feel free to text me at 470-863-8043 and provide your name, the date of your appointment, and any questions or concerns!


Is the salon kid friendly?

I am a busy mom and I totally get having to bring my kiddo places sometimes. My place is a safe space to bring your children if necessary or if they have an appointment, however there are other suites nearby with clients receiving services. Plus, your appointment time should be as relaxing for you as possible. 

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